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On RCD highway in/outside Karachi and in Balochistan, If you see 4×4 brand new vehicle with tinted glasses accompanied with 4 to 6 4×4 vehicles loaded with gunmens pointing guns on pedistrian and other cars driving by, having vehicle registration number plate as only “Mengal”, “Bugti” etc.. instead of Government authorised registration number then its obvious that you’ve just witness convey of some low level Sardar as he have just 4 to 6 vehicle for his guards.
By the way, all of these vehicles are smuggled from Afghanistan.  

  • Who consume every resources of Balochistan???  Baloch Sardars
  • Who took monthly payments from Government for natural gas exploration and transimission? Baloch Sardars
  • Who instead of spending this money on poor people of Balochistan, took this money as his rights?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who think balochistan is their own land not country’s land?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who do their best to ensure no one take education in their tribe?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who have satellite phones, guns, ammunation, rockets, mortars, anti tank missile, C4, time bombs, wireless communication in Balochistan?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who always try conciously and unconsiously to keep baloch people their slaves?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who cry for rights?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who own the lands in Balochistan regardless of whoever lives on that land?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who is destroying the complete economy of Balochistan?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who orders for killing of Industries workers in Hub city?? Baloch Sardars
  • Because of whom Government of Pakistan couldn’t run Sandek Project?? Baloch Sardars
  • Who orders the killing of Chinese engineers for happiness of their Masters? Baloch Sardars

The ugliest face of Baloch Sardars is kept hidden by Media & Politicians. Those who kills, destroys Government of Pakistan property, those who attack innocent people call themselves Victims.
Shameless group of people who wants to capture Balochistan’s resources on the name of RIGHTS.
They use their slaves to show the world that their people are oppressed. They don’t tell to the people that they themselves kept them oppress for their own purpose.

How come they have homes in foriegn countries, that many smuggled cars, that much arms and ammunation if they are oppressed??


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