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Mr. Hussain Haqqani currently holding portfolio of Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA while his first interaction with Pakistani community in New York noted that

“some Pakistanis have strong feeling about some of the U.S. actions, he said, While expressing our grievances, we should also focus on the benefits that the friendship with the United States has brought about for our country. If at some point in time our ‘aid’ was cutoff, it was later resumed.”

Aid? Do Pakistani need aid?? No. Any Pakistani like myself earn their own money with their own efforts, and we can well manage our self and our country Pakistan without any aid.

Its these politician and bureaucracy both civil and military needs it who want to buy cars, raise their family on it, use it for travel expense for themselves and their families and use it for their own commission purpose.

Interesting thing is, now Pakistani ambassador will teach Pakistanis about what lordship of America has done for Pakistan and how beneficial for us. Some thousands of dead civilian, some hundred of captured Pakistani citizen in Guantanamo bay, more than 1000 dead Pakistani soldiers in tribal area killing their own people, using puppets in forms of Feudal, NGOs, monthly paid civil bureaucracy officers to keep Pakistan behind is some of these benefits.

Mr. Haqqani should’ve know that he is servant of state. Pakistan. Not America. If he can’t defend Pakistan’s interest and interest of Pakistani living in US then at least he shouldn’t try to sell America’s government policy. Wish he knows that how much dignity other countries ambassadors have. Our ambassador is just another beggar in expensive dress.

Slaves remain slaves if their minds are slaves.


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Who am I??

I am Pakistani. Live in Pakistan. Earn in Pakistan. Breath in Pakistan. Eat in Pakistan. For me, no place is better than Pakistan. My mother land.

For me, Pain I can get just for being a Pakistani and for living in Pakistan, is much sweeter than the joy I can get from being 3rd rated citizen of another country.

I am not born free. I am a slave. Slave for generations. Before partitions of 1947, my grand parents were slaves of British empire. After 1947, after migration to Pakistan, they become slave of Elite class, which was and is basically a syndication of Military, Feudal, Civil beaurcracy work as God under british empire,  Politicians (khotay sikay , Fake Coins), Muslim clergy (Ulema-e-Sou), those people who were loyal to british empire and recieve monetary benefits during british rule.

 A land, which built on the name of Islam. A promised land


What Promise???

  • A promise place, where everyone will be free. Not free from law but a freedom with responsibility.
  • A promised land, where no one can rule on the basis of power.
  • A promised land where everyone will have access to justice.
  • A promised land where muslims can live as per Islamic laws.


Why do I need this place???

Some times, its better to let out the gas from mine to stop it from blowing. Same case with me, moving around and living a life with burning fire, a fire that throws out every joy out of life.. a fire that fueled by actions of those who kept me and my fellow citizens as slaves.

They try to squeeze out every resources of Pakistan to increase their personal wealth. Wealth increase their status which in return enable them to squeeze out more resources and this process keeps continue.


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